The Power Of Collecting Emails

Does the power of collecting emails work for you? Nice website is not enough in online business.

The Power of Collecting Emails
We need to offer the customer an awesome product that they simply can’t say no to for them to give us their email.

It’s like having awesome business card, put on the shelf and wait for people to take it and wait for the sale. Crazy? Most people treat their business in that way. In today’s business world you need to give it  to people and ask for sale. You have to become a professional email collector.

The power of collecting emails is definitely spectacular. You may expect between 1 and 5 percent of visitors to buy on their first visit to your site (conversion rate) and between 10 and 33 percent to give you their email address (signup rate). Quite often visitors were not going to purchase any product however they wanted more info on your subject. Research shows it often requires 6 marketing communications before a client will buy a product.

Believe me, it’s unusual to get a ‘yes’ on the first visit. Websites are often very complex so probably it’s not the best example but customers only need more information and confidence before they’re ready to purchase.

We have to offer the customer an incredible product that they basically can’t say “no” to for them to give us their email. Often people don’t have any intention of providing their email address however, a smart prepared report or mini-course that could be instantly delivered to them is often incentive enough for them to build that bridge.

The process of gathering up email addresses is known as an autoresponder. That is certainly, a database that holds names and email addresses and can mail out pre-programmed email addresses to recipients. These can be personalised and then sent immediately, 1 day, 5 days and anywhere up to 10 years following the initial email was collected. Very powerful and effective.

Third party autoresponders that sit on an independent server are the most effective and you can generate your own signup form to place on your website. I personally use Aweber, Getresponse and MailChimp.

Additionally you can send an email to your database at any time. Let’s take a look at a good example of the power of an email database. Let’s say you attract two hundred visitors every day (easily possible) and have a signup rate of 15%, so that is 30 email addresses per day, and after a year you have 10 950. If you mailout a campaign for a course you have created that costs £97 and just 3% of your list signs up (quite reasonable), that’s an income of £31 864.50 just from one mailout.

This excellent profit is realised over a day or two and a great example of the power of a distribution list and a value-adding product. Therefore make sure you ask for that email address. Your goal is to add value to your customers so you need to work out what information will be useful to them and make it available. The best way to do that is via email. Do you see the power of collecting emails now?

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