Is Social Media Really Destroying Your Self Esteem?

I just read the article “Is social media destroying your self esteem?” from CBBC presenter Katie Thistleton that she is launching a war on selfies.

Self esteem in social media
Positive comments on social media can and do boost self-esteem and thus, influence user behaviour.

I totally disagree with her. Why? Because in my opinion she has a different problem.  She feels the competition and knows that one day she can get the phone call and get fired. There is nothing constant these days but change – look what happened to Top Gear presenters – did you expect it? Furthermore her work is very stressful and there is a lot of pressure in media to deliver high standard content 24/7.

I believe that social media is a great tool to help people to actually build very strong self esteem.

What is actually self-esteem? Self esteem is the way we value ourselves; it truly is how we perceive our value to the universe and how valuable we believe we are to others. Self esteem impacts our trust in others, each of our relationships, our work – practically every part of our lives. Positive self esteem provides us the strength and flexibility to take charge of our lives and grow from our mistakes without worrying about fear of rejection.

Following are some external signs of positive self esteem:
• Self-confidence
• Self-direction
• Non-blaming behaviour
• An awareness of own personal strengths
• An ability to make some mistakes and learn from them
• An ability to accept mistakes from others
• Optimism
• An ability to fix problems
• An independent and cooperative attitude
• Feeling comfortable with a variety of emotions
• An ability to trust others
• A great sense of personal limitations
• Great self-care
• The ability to say no

How you can improve your self esteem with social media? It’s very simple:

#1 Post good affirmations such:

  • I respect myself and others
  • I am lovable and likable
  • I am confident, and it shows
  • I acre about myself
  • I am creating loving, healthy relationships
  • I am a good friend to myself and others
  • I accept myself just as I am
  • I look great
  • Life is good, and I like being a part of it

#2 Post positive quotes – by looking for them, you are absorbing them into your mind too. So you will improve your self esteem too.

#3 Engage with people in social media – find new friends, inspire them with your personality, passion, hobby.

#4 Post pictures – lots of people are scared to death to take pictures but this is the best way to improve self esteem very fast. You need comments bad or good to have engagements with followers.

#5 Use videos – show people who you are, what do you think.

#6 Build your fan page. This will be your ticket to next level of influence.

#7 Create the value for your followers. Share your knowledge.

All of the actions will help you to remove your fears and old habits.  You will feel much more confident because people will see the inspiration in you. Do you have any other tips on how to build self esteem online? Please comment below and share.