Messenger Codes Your New Online Marketing Strategy

Messenger Codes are the new marketing weapon for your social media strategy. Getting new friends on Facebook Messenger became a lot easier.

Facebook Messenger Codes
Facebook Messenger Codes will let you scan people to start a conversation.

Since 7th April 2016 Facebook’s chat app now has Messenger Codes – circular patterns around an user’s profile picture, that can easily be scanned to start a chat with that person. The idea came from Snapchat and you should be using it for long time… if you still do not have a Snapchat account you are missing a lot of potential business. Here you can connect with me.

Remeber Facebook and Messenger are ultra powerful solutions for everyone to connect with each other. Actually, 900 million people are using Messenger every month according to Facebook. Do you know that over one billion messages are sent between people and businesses on Messenger each month?

Messaging a company instantly is actually a fast and easy method for people to get in touch with questions about your products and services, appointments, customer service questions and more. In addition, it allows businesses to build personal connections with the people who are interested in them.

What is Messenger Code? Messenger Codes prompt direct interaction with your business. They’re unique codes that any of us can scan in Messenger with your camera in their mobile phones to open a thread with your business.

How you can benefit from Messenger Codes? You can use Messenger Codes in ads, on your website or in any other marketing channel to prompt people to reach out you directly. So create the code, add it to your signature in your email, add to your pictures, stickers… be creative. It will bring you a lot of attention, so your business and personal rank will go up. Do you see it?

Write some creative examples how you can plan to use Messenger Codes in the comment below. Have a lot of fun!

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