How To Get Free CAD/CAM Scanner In 3 Easy Steps

The use of CAD/CAM scanner and digital technologies are enabling better solutions for patients and greater efficiencies in the practice. The majority of patients would like treatment using the most advanced dental methods. How to get the CAD/CAM scanner with the minimal investment?


Technology is the most significant financial commitment in the dental practice and consequently, generally, the price stops dentists to discover new skills and use it for the benefit of the patients. Digital dentistry is no longer the future. Digital dentistry is now, and it is changing into the standard of care your patients expect.

What’s holding dentists back? the majority of them say: “Digital scanners are extremely expensive. My practice can’t afford to pay that kind of high initial investment .” or alternatively “ I’m not really experiencing problems with my traditional impression-taking technique, so why should I change something that’s working for me ?”. The last reason I personally heard last week from one of the well-known dentists in Chiswick, London.

I remember when the dental practice I was managing invested £75000 in Sirona Cerec in 2010. It was an enormous cost for us not to mention only one dentist started to use it. The rest of the team still preferred traditional impression-taking technique. I was not very happy that time. I really felt that we were missing an incredible opportunity to take an advantage of CAD/CAM scanner.

Scan_lab is the leader in the dental scanner leasing market. Scan_lab offers a free lab scanner rental service for dental clinics, prosthetic laboratories and the production of industry-leading prosthetics in the high-tech lab.

Right now let’s take a closer look at the dental world and therefore see what is changing and how recent innovations answer two of the biggest objections that have been holding dentists back. You will discover there is one company in Europe that provides you access to a cost-free CAD/CAM scanner, a fully digital workflow improving your restoration quality, saving your dental practice money on impression materials and shipping costs, and also ultimately improving patient outcomes. Sounds too good to be true?

Thankfully this is a genuine uniqueness and also approach to the dental market and many dentists took already the advantage of this chance. Robert Michalik from Scan Lab possesses well over 30 years of experience as a professional technician and was the first person in Poland who started implementing CAD/CAM technology. Scan Lab is a leader in the Polish dental scanner leasing market and additionally, their offer is right now available to the other countries including the UK.


So how to get a Free CAD/CAM scanner in 3 easy steps?

Step 1 You choose the scanner you need for example Sirona Cerec

Step 2 Get free training and support

Step 3 Start using the scanner and send a minimum quantity of orders to Scan Lab every month

Right at the end of the 3 month trial period, you decide if you want to stay with Scan Lab for longer or return the scanner without any obligation.

In recent years, Going Digital has become an essential movement in many industries, and the dental sector is no exception. The offer from Robert Michalik and Scan Lab gives you a lot of advantages :

  1. No complicated bank procedures
  2. Saving your money
  3. Constant free support
  4. Access to state-of-the-art lab services


To get started with your CAD/CAM scanner journey, simply call Scan Lab totally dedicated number at +447855437437 or contact them online will get you set up and you’ll be ready to go. Then you decide.