Dentist Can Not Afford To Ignore This Kind Of Dental Marketing

Dental practices often neglect some of the basic things in dental marketing that seem irrelevant at the time but may turn out to be a major issue that can cost a business.

Dentist can not afford to ignore the fact that Facebook alone has almost 2 billion monthly active users worldwide – 1.94 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2017. Unfortunately most of the dentist are NOT leveraging the immense power of social media to their marketing advantage and change the way how the patients look at them.

Old Dental Marketing vs New Dental Marketing
Some of today’s most successful dental practices have completely replaced their old-fashioned dental marketing strategies with highly successful online dental marketing strategies.

Most people believe that going to the dentist can be frightening. Nobody really visits a dentist unless the pain becomes unbearable or only if the patient is conscious about his oral health.

It’s no big surprise so many people hate going to the dentist. Everybody knows dentists aren’t such bad people. They’re just the ones doing the work and stuck with the bad-guy label.

Here’s a list of the top 10 reasons people hate dentist based on years of observations of Dr Joe Bulger from Canada.

#1 – The Needle

#2 – The Pain

#3 – The Anxiety

#4 – The Drill

#5 – The Invasiveness

#6 – The Sounds & Smells

#7 – The Cost

#8 – The Lectures

#9 – The Poor Service

#10 – The Bad Memories

What are the consequences of dental fears and anxiety? People with high dental fear are much more likely to delay or avoid dental visiting, and a number of fearful people regularly cancel or fail to show for appointments.

It can be a frustrating subject for all those involved. Appointments are made and missed, staff have their time wasted, revenue stream is affected and the patient’s oral health is put at risk. Some missed visits are unavoidable due to everyday life occurrences, but for many, a conscious decision is made to avoid the appointment.

Well, you know how we all want friendly dentist?

Social media allows dentists to build an online personality and reduce fear. They can express themselves and not only prove their knowledge, but present their human side. Social media is about building relationships online with existing and potential patients, as well as building these virtual relationships will help build your practice.

Social media also gives dentists the power to become the local or even international expert. Existing patients and potential patients often have many questions or concerns. They often are afraid or embarrassed to ask them. Using social media gives them a feeling of anonymity, and allows them to ask questions more freely. It is so easy to use Facebook Messenger, Twitter or even Instagram to send a message to the dental practice. Dentists can then answer these questions and it gives them an air of professionalism and compassion. It also cements their own status as an important figure in the community, virtual or real.

The dental world has been fast to embrace the changing faces of social media and many have come to recognise the importance of an active online presence as part of a strong and powerful dental marketing campaign and raising awareness.

With information right at our finger tips, many of patients are well-informed about different treatments offered and often search around for a dental practice they like.

Have you ever used TripAdvisor or TopTable to search for good restaurants or hotels by reading reviews left by others? This is also now happening for dentists! In a nutshell, dentists are getting head-hunted by patients. If you do not have an active presence on social media such Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you may be missing out on new patients and other local dental practices are getting more attention than you.

But there’s a DOWNSIDE to having a very active social media dental marketing strategy. It’s incredibly time-consuming to come up with new, fresh, quality content to give to your patients on a daily basis.

It’s one of those tasks where you start off strong, then it gradually becomes “another thing on your to-do list.” I checked personally many profiles of dental practices on Facebook and unfortunately 99.9% of them do not post anything on regular basis, do not collect reviews, check-ins. This is very bad marketing behaviour that I can compare to not going for the regular check ups to the dentist. As a result the problem will grow, now or later and the dental practice without social marketing element will be less popular and more affected by 10 top reasons why people hate dentists.

Social networks such Facebook and Instagram offer dentists the potential to reach out to the widest possible number of new patients at the lowest marketing cost per patient.

Marketing is essential to the success of almost any company, and dental practices are no exception. For a dental practice to grow, a single dental professional really should be seeing 20-50 new patients every month. And if you want to attract new dental patients, a practice have to provide a competitive product at competitive rates, together with convenient, top quality services-all backed by a solid dental marketing strategy.

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