Dental Marketing Services

Why would I choose your dental practice? This is exactly what your patients ask themselves when they are thinking about staying with your practice. Potential patients ask exactly the same question when they are considering becoming patients in your dental practice.


Dental Marketing Services

Now imagine two different dental practices that are located close to each other.

The dentist at Practice A is highly qualified. His colleagues consider him as one of the leading practitioners in the country. He holds a Master’s Degree in conservative dentistry from the Eastman Dental Institute. He is a member of the BDA Health & Science Committee. On the top of it he is a certified member of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry. The dental practice is nice and clean and stylish. Moreover it boasts the most recent technology, including a CEREC CAD/CAM, laser, and a dedicated 3D imaging device such Planmeca.

Practice B, on the other hand, is a family dental practice that serves patients of all ages. The practice is comfortable, warm, and also clean. The dentist really makes a point of creating a friendly, nonclinical relationship with each of her patients using mostly social networks. The practice is up-to-date on its technology, although hasn’t yet invested in any costly, high-end units. Receptionists and dental nurses are very friendly and good at their jobs, the prices are reasonable, and the hours are convenient.

One of these dental practices is doing remarkable business, while the other is actually having difficulties and looking for ways to boost business. Which dental practice is the successful one? It may not be the one you assume.

Dental Practice A has supreme clinical skill and advanced technology, however is definitely losing its business hand over fist to Dental Practice B. How is it possible? Well, Practice B is giving its patients the thing they totally desire most from a health-care provider – care.

There is an old saying: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Your professional expertise will never truly matter to the patients as much as your concern and understanding of them as individuals. This you can achieve by using social media dental marketing.

It is unquestionably crucial for your own dental practice to be online. It’s not good enough any longer simply to be online and have beautiful website. You have to be found and you have to be chosen online simply because guess what, you’re not the only dental practice in town.

As a dentist today you have never had more methods or opportunity to connect with your patients online, and their family and friends. Our dental marketing services will help you connect with new and existing patients, sell additional services and build long-term relationships, resulting in a thriving business. GUARANTEED! Book FREE consultation now.

The average person checks social media at least once every waking hour.

It’s where your future and current patients spend their time. Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels supported. Your presence, or lack thereof, speaks volumes.

I will share my years of dental marketing experience with you and your dental practice team.

✔️ There are lots of social media and marketing “gurus” on the market but I am the only one who really understand dentist and patients. Why? I founded one of the most successful medical centres in London. We started from zero and in less than 2 years time we had a turnover £120000 a month.

✔️ At the beginning our marketing budget was very low, and as you know advertising in magazines is very expensive and not effective. So I was forced to find the best option for my medical centre. I started with google adwords and social media marketing.

✔️ The results were outstanding! Everyday we had new patients and we had to employ the second receptionist, because the phone was ringing all the time. Next step for us was to deliver an exceptional customer service.

✔️ This combination of social media for dentist approach and satisfied patients gave us 3 nominations to the best dental practice in the UK and London.

All dental marketing strategies depend on your goal. What do you want to achieve?

My social marketing for dentist can help you with many aspects and problems of your dental practice.

#1 Get more patients

#2 Get more visits from your current patients

#3 Build or rebuild reputation

#4 Promote less popular dentists

#5 Promote specialist services 

#6 Communicate with patients

#7 Create local/ national dental authority 

#8 Help to win Dentistry Award. 

#9 Other goal … 

#10 … and SAVE money on marketing 


See how I can help you manage your social media strategy:

Social Media Consultancy

I will help create a social media strategy with your dental practice in relation to your end goals.
All your dental team will learn how to use the power of social connections, what to post, when and where.

Social Dental Voice

If you don’t have a dental brand voice, you’ll never get from mediocre to amazing dental practice.
The ways in which dental practices can use social media varies enormously. I will help you find the right tone of voice for your brand.

Social Media Management

I will transform your social media presence with high-quality dental content, daily activity, and increasing followers for your dental practice. It will save a lot of your time.

Social Dental Advertising

This is very powerful. Social ads will improve your dental presence, authority or generate interest in a new service very fast.

Social Public Relations

Most people are on social media these days, including influencers and key decision makers. Social media is an extremely useful tool for building and promoting relationships with these thought leaders in dental industry, or bloggers covering material relevant to your brand.

What is your next step?

Step 1. Book your FREE Consultation here

Step 2. Choose your goal.

Step 3. Watch the results.

What is the level of your investment?

Less than you think. Anyone who thinks of any kind of dental marketing as an expense isn’t thinking like a business owner. They are thinking like the accountant who needs a 80,567 page Microsoft Excel spreadsheet just to decide that the marketing budget needs to be cut by 25% because of the bad economy. For well-known dental practice there is no bad economy.

Dental marketing is the LAST thing you should cut, and if you think of marketing as an expense, it’s probably because you either:

#1 Tried it, but did it the wrong way and lost lots of money.

#2  Are too scared to do it because you are thinking of it as an expense instead of an great investment.

With my services you can definitely SAVE money and HELP more people to use your dental services. If you are not doing dental marketing, you are helping only your competition.

What is exactly the level of your investment? In most cases it is equivalent to the price of 2 or 3 porcelain crowns. All depends on the location of your dental practice and the goals you want to achieve. Remember the consultation is always FREE. You will decide.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My business is filling waiting rooms. I guarantee more patients and leads for dentists, oral surgeons and periodontists. With more than 10 years experience in dental marketing I know how to help you succeed.

If you’re not satisfied, I don’t expect you to pay. That’s my commitment and your guarantee.