Dental Marketing: Why Radio Interview Is a Great Tool

Radio interview: What if you could possibly communicate your way to new patients, boost your dental credibility and add value for your current patients-all for less money?

Dentist on air
Every dentist can be a guest or host of the show.

What is a much better way to reach (potentially) thousands of people you usually would never have met? Think about a radio interview now. It is a non-threatening method for a brand new audience to discover you and gain information about what you do in dentistry. Of course, social media for dentists is definitely the trend and a Facebook or YouTube video can do some of the same. The difference is that radio conversation is a live, informal conversation with your host and/or audience. It features your personality through voice. Remember that 30% of the population is auditory and they absorb information best through the sense of hearing. That is very powerful .

Ready to start building your dental authority? You must to commit more time and energy to get exposure in your local or even national dental market. Think about starting a weekly show of short duration. Set yourself up as the guest expert first with a radio personality. The host will help you with smooth transitions, wrap-ups and advertising breaks.

A 20 -30 minute show is a great start. You’ll leave audience wanting much more, so they will be happy to listen you again. Some of the listeners will start looking for you in the social media. It is so important to be prepared and have all of your profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin ready.

Listen now one of the great examples of radio show. My great friend Andy T. Cumming who is a professional impact consultant, sent me the link to a very interesting and full of information radio interview with the dentist. The host Janey Lee Grace speaks with Brian Halvorsen the Holistic Dentist and author of two books: “The Natural Dentist” and “Great Teeth for Life“.

Listen the example of show here

Now it’s your turn. 

What do you think? What strategies does your dental business use to get inside the head of your current and prospective patients? Has your research provided you with surprising results?

Share your experience in the comments box below.