Dental Marketing Fees

Dental Marketing Fees.

What is the level of your investment? Less than you think. Anyone who thinks of any kind of dental marketing as an expense isn’t thinking like a business owner. They are thinking like the accountant who needs a 80,567 page Microsoft Excel spreadsheet just to decide that the marketing budget needs to be cut by 25% because of the bad economy. For well-known dental practice there is no bad economy.

Dental marketing is the LAST thing you should cut, and if you think of marketing as an expense, it’s probably because you either:

#1 Tried it, but did it the wrong way and lost lots of money.

#2  Are too scared to do it because you are thinking of it as an expense instead of an great investment.

With my services you can definitely SAVE money and HELP more people to use your dental services. If you are not doing dental marketing, you are helping only your competition.

What is exactly the level of your investment? What are my dental marketing fees? In most cases it is equivalent to the price of 2 or 3 porcelain crowns. All depends on the location of your dental practice and the goals you want to achieve. Remember the consultation is always FREE. You will decide.

What is covered by my dental marketing fees? The mix of the services I provide. For more learn here.

Social Media Consultancy

I will help create a social media strategy with your dental practice in relation to your end goals.
All your dental team will learn how to use the power of social connections, what to post, when and where.

Social Dental Voice

If you don’t have a dental brand voice, you’ll never get from mediocre to amazing dental practice.
The ways in which dental practices can use social media varies enormously. I will help you find the right tone of voice for your brand.

Social Media Management

I will transform your social media presence with high-quality dental content, daily activity, and increasing followers for your dental practice. It will save a lot of your time.

Social Dental Advertising

This is very powerful. Social ads will improve your dental presence, authority or generate interest in a new service very fast.

Social Public Relations

Most people are on social media these days, including influencers and key decision makers. Social media is an extremely useful tool for building and promoting relationships with these thought leaders in dental industry, or bloggers covering material relevant to your brand.

What is your next step?

Step 1. Book your FREE Consultation here

Step 2. Choose your goal.

Step 3. Watch the results.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My business is filling waiting rooms. I guarantee more patients and leads for dentists, oral surgeons and periodontists. With more than 10 years experience in dental marketing I know how to help you succeed.

If you’re not satisfied, I don’t expect you to pay. That’s my commitment and your guarantee.