Advantage of Instagram in Dental Practice

Are you currently taking advantage of Instagram in dental practice? Milad Shadrooh – The Singing Dentist definitely uses the power of social media.

As the result, he is the most influential dentist in the UK in 2017 and he cannot complain about getting new patients or being paid for the potential public speaking. Here you can check The Dentistry Top 50 Dentists in the UK. The Singing Dentist has more than 106000 followers on Instagram and 419575 likes on Facebook on 18th of October 2017. Those numbers are growing fast every day.

There is a massive problem and also huge opportunity at the same time for many dentists. Let’s start with an explanation of the problem and then with a solution using Instagram in dental practice. Sounds familiar to dental check-up procedure? Absolutely!

Most of the dentists – I personally believe that 99% of them – think that they do not need any social media presence because patients will find them through word of mouth recommendations or from google search anyway.

Dental professionals see Facebook and Instagram as offbeat, unprofessional networks and as a consequence tend to gather on LinkedIn in most cases. This is certainly unproductive, however, for those who want to reach out to the general population; LinkedIn continues to be closer to a job-networking site and fails to connect businesses with those who are searching for information.

Look now at some very important facts:

#1 People remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read, 10% of what they hear.

#2 Instagram’s user base and engagement are huge: 600+million monthly active users, 400+ million daily active users, 150+ million daily active story users, 4.2+ billion likes per day, 100+ million posts per day.

#3 Consumers are flocking to Instagram: 33% of internet users use Instagram, 80% of users are outside of the U.S. the average user spends 25 min per day on Instagram, more than 60% of users log in daily.

#4 Instagram’s engagement continues to grow: Instagram is growing 5 times faster than any other social network in the U.S., the average account grows by 16% per month, 50% of most major brands use Instagram but it’s expected to rise to 71% by 2018. Using of Instagram in dental practice will grow faster in 2018. 

Looking at those statistics above you can understand why The Singing Dentist is the most influential dentist in the UK. He grabbed the opportunity to be very social and open to the public. He has very little competition from other professionals because most of the dentists prefer to stay closed in the dental room and believe in the old style marketing approach.

Dental practices can take advantage of the rewards Instagram is offering in numerous ways. Considering the fact that Instagram is a visual platform , it is extremely powerful when used for emotional , positive content: Think about patient smiles , clinic upgrades , Patient or simply Team Member of the Month announcements, special events as well as promotions, behind-the-scenes photographs, and photos of dentists and staff members engaging in local community events.

Hashtags radically increase interaction on Instagram and you can use up to 30 of them. Take advantage of dental-specific hashtags , like #dentist , #dentalcare , #dental , #dentists, #dentistry as well as more generic terms like #smile #happy #thankyou, seasonal tags like #Halloween #Christmasparty , fun tags like #SmileIamFamous, #ToothFairy, and localised “geo” hashtags like #London #Ealing #Manchester for posts about community involvement.

Does your social media strategy include Instagram? It better or you’re missing out!