3 Steps To Build Your Online Brand Using Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the secret way of building your online brand. Most of the internet marketers or online entrepreneurs are not using it at all. So if you use this online strategy you can win big in online and also offline world. Sounds great?

Crowdfunding helps to build your online brand
When you create your project with crowdfunding you will have bigger exposure in the online world. It means more clients and money for you.

To build your online brand personal or for your product or service you need to have much bigger exposure than most people. It means more people need to know your name, face, what you do, what is your vision and so on. It takes lots of time to do it using Social Media and other online sources, especially if your budget is limited or you have no or little experience. However there is a way, secret for most people and not in use in the massive way. I really love it and will show you how to do it.

I am sure that you heard about crowdfunding but what exactly do you know about it? Do you know how to use it to build your brand?

What is crowdfunding? This is exactly a way of increasing funds simply by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money. Right up until not too long ago, funding a business, project or opportunity required requesting a few people for a lot of money. Crowdfunding changes this approach around, using the internet to talk to thousands or even millions of promising funders.

In most cases, all those looking for funds will set up a profile with their project on a website just like me on one of my favourite platforms
(check my project here). Next step is to use social media, together with typical networks of friends, family and co-workers, to raise money.

Do you know? The pioneer online crowdfunded project is considered to have happened in 1997. Rock band Marillion were not able to pay for the tour following the release of their 7th recording so U.s supporters used the then fledgling internet to raise $60,000 so they were able to play in the US. Although the band was not active in the initial round of fundraising, they have since utilised a similar strategies to successfully fund the production of their following three albums.

Probably you are asking now yourself why crowdfunding is good to build your online brand? The reason is very simple … by creating any kind of project to rise money you will be motivated to do more online actions – it means more posts on Facebook, more Tweets, Instagram or even Snapchat. You will send more messages and links to your online list. You do not have the list? Read this article why it is important to have it. Click here.

Crowdfunding project is also great to show people that you have an entrepreneurial spirit, people love it. Your personal ranks and feedback will grow in the speed of light. You will make a huge impact on your community around you. Learn more about making an impact in business from the expert in this area Andy T.Cumming. Read his blog here.

What is the best strategy to use crowdfunding to build your online brand? Follow my 3 Steps Strategy.

Step 1. Choose your crowdfunding platform. You will find 3 different kinds of crowdfunding: debt, donation and equity.

Debt crowdfunding

This kind of model of crowdfunding involves asking for support and resources from other investors in exchange for interest. It means that investors get their money back with interest. Also called peer-to-peer (p2p) lending, it enables the lending of money while bypassing common banking institutions. Returns will be financial, however , investors have also the advantages of having contributed to the achievements of a concept they believe in.

Here you can find some examples of debt crowdfunding platforms:





Equity crowdfunding

People invest in the opportunity in return for equity. Funds are exchanged for a shares, or a small stake in the company, project or venture. If the company is prospering the value of shares goes up. If not, the value goes down.

Here you can find some examples of equity crowdfunding platforms:











Donation or Reward crowdfunding

Donation based crowdfunding performs an important role in the latest trend of alternative financing and the future of our economy. The idea enables people to directly share their money with causes and projects that they feel passionately about and in that way empower many people to create an impact. Rewards may be provided (known as reward crowdfunding), just like acknowledgements on an album covers, seat tickets to an event, frequent news updates, freebies and many others.

Donors enjoy a social or personal motivation for putting their money in and expect little or nothing back, except perhaps to feel good about helping the project. This is my favourite way of crowdfunding.

Here you can find some examples of donation based crowdfunding platforms:











If you ask me what is the best platform to start building online brand – I will recommend you to choose something simple and easy to use. All depends on your goal and marketing skills.

In my case I use mostly the new platform Crowdfunding International because it is simple and you can benefit very fast not only from the online exposure. Financial donations are based on the matrix so it means that every project can get some funds. Additionally you can link it to your website so you will create SEO benefit too – Crowdfunding International is going fast in the google ranks. You can add Skype and/or email contact details and it means massive exposure too. All is branding. Can you imagine your first project there? Remember about your dreams. Make them real.

Step 2. Create the project. 

Your crowdfunding project should be something ambitious and good for the community too. I understand that maybe you need a new car or house but people like to share great causes. From point of view of building your online brand it should be something like my project. I want to create chain of dental clinics. It will help the community to have better smile and health. Look at my project here.

So maybe you want to open the hotel or hostel with affordable prices? What about restaurant or helping children to have better education? Choice is yours.

Step 3. Promote your project.

This is the most important step. You will invite  all of your contacts to look at your project. You should set up your online marketing strategy at this point, create banners, links, landing pages to capture emails. Everybody around you should know about your ambitious crowdfunding project. The public will response to you. You will get more questions, bigger exposure and people will start taking about you.

In the next articles I will teach you how to create outstanding online strategy with Crowdfunding. If you have any question please contact me and remember to leave the comment below.

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