3 Marketing Myths That Stopping Your Sales

All these 3 marketing myths may cause you to suffer a loss of sales if you base your main marketing decisions on them. I have given you some marketing suggestions to shot each myth and enhance your sales.

People buy a product at the cheapest price they can find.
Some people will always buy the most expensive option, no matter the price.


Marketing Myths – Myth 1: People buy a product or service at the lowest cost price they can find.

That’s not exactly true – if this was then companies just like Lamborghini and Ferrari would not exist – Ford would have position them out of business a long time ago. Regardless of the ease of research that the internet offers – customers are usually lazy and do not perform 100 % research. Even now on eBay where it really is much easier to check the comparable prices of a product – customers generally purchase a product at a higher price compared to what they could. So what on earth causes people to buy? These are known as buying triggers – the most typical are:

• Confidence in the seller
• A high perceived value
• Testimonials
• Ease of purchase

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Blasting Marketing Myth 1:

Build your credentials – such as we have over 8 years of online advertising experience – so we know what works and what does not work in an online business.

Look for methods of boosting the perceived value of your product or service with the addition of extras or simply clearly demonstrating the value of it’s purchase.

Make sure that you provide some genuine recommendations inside your website, landing pages or sales letter.
Insure that it is easy to order and get your product by not introducing any obstacles to purchase such as extra forms, little known or complicated payment options.


Marketing Myths – Myth 2: Offering your customers several different options will boost your product sales.

The human brain works more effectively when offered the two options "buy", "don't buy".
Offering your customers several different options is going to boost your product sales

Once confronted with multiple options, most customers experience difficulty making the decision. They generally respond by procrastinating – and going to a seller who actually offers a more clear product. Right now by this we don’t say add more extras or up sells, only clearly state what’s included in the product or service and do not provide options that not only confuse but making your selling and handling more complicated.

The human brain works more effectively when offered the two options “buy”, “don’t buy”.

Blasting Marketing Myth 2:

Just offer a single product – or product package per page. You can have a clear (and brief) menu on each of your pages to encourage multiple purchases. In case you have more than one option for a product or service – then provide them with different names and then present them each one separately. To illustrate you may label them “silver service”, “gold service”, “opal service” and so on. This is exactly what I did with my various marketing services and it works quite well.

It is best to aim at a small, very easily understood product or service selection. You should be able to describe each of your goods in one or two sentences. If you fail to do this – how can you expect your potential buyers to understand what exactly they are buying?


Marketing Myths – Myth 3: Everybody Needs My Services or Products. 

If you believe this kind of myth then you definitely also believe that you can succeed without doing very much marketing techniques or selling.
Everybody Needs My Services or Products

The fact is that, most people don’t believe that they actually need a particular service of product. As you can imagine with items such as Iphones or Ipads – your kid will try and then explain to you they seriously, seriously, absolutely need one, however , this is peer pressure which has been built up with huge amount of money. Much of this was spent on research into what the marketplace wanted – and they got it correctly!

If you believe this kind of myth then you definitely also believe that you can succeed without doing very much marketing techniques or selling. Sadly, no matter what a lot of marketers tell you – it does not happen that way. Unquestionably there are some very successful internet marketers around, however they will all admit that a lot of researching the market, testing and then reviewing of their products and solutions – took place just before they became successful.

Creating a successful online business or traditional business is hard work – most of it is devoted to acquiring potential customers and then matching them with your services and products. Whether or not most people can use your service or product, you’ll still need an online marketing strategy to reach them and a powerful sales message to close sales – because you can bet your last money – that where there a lots of potential customers – you will find just as many sellers.

Blasting Marketing Myth 3:

Step 1. Do your preparation – find out exactly where your potential customers are, what special needs and desires they have and exactly they are seeking to solve these.

Step 2. Look for a narrowly defined niche area in which your service or product is going to solve an unique need of the customers.

Step 3. Style your service or product to fulfil these requirements.

Step 4. Test, Change, Test, Refine, Test and get customer feedback.

Unless you are actually one of the millionaire marketers around – you can find more and more marketing myths that you will follow and most likely lose money on. Hopefully the methods earlier mentioned have helped you to remove those marketing myths from your online business life. If you’ve got any other myths to share, be sure to comment below.

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  • Agnieska Angel

    Great post. I really like to learn more about marketing. Very useful article. I stuck with the myth no 1 doe a long time 😉