2 Proven Strategies to Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs

The most important strategy to make money online is definitely building a list.

Build your list and make money online
Money doesn’t grow on trees, it grows in your list and all those times you’ve heard that your list is your business, it is totally true.

This tactic is the most important step in order to make money online long term. If you don’t currently have some sort of autoreponder system you have to get one. Avoid being cheap in this case either because your whole business will hinge on this one piece of software.

You can actually build your email list many excellent ways. You can purchase leads from trustworthy list building providers and get all of them into your autoresponder. Generally very good list building companies should have an option to deliver an email to your autoresponder so you don’t have to personally input the lead’s information. It will save lots of time and the time is very important to you.

One more powerful way of building your list is from the traffic that visits your website. This step, which is essentially the most effective,truly does require you to have a web page to be able to implement an opt-in list contact form. Obviously in case your affiliate program does offer a list management support you may then send traffic to the affiliate URL, but I do not recommend it simply because you will usually not be able to email your entire list with special deals.

To really make the most of your opt-in form and get the most signups, make sure you place it inside your sales page content material. This should be strategically located in the sales text after you present a problem. The title of your autoresponder email campaign should certainly address the problem by providing a solution. Using the example below we will assume that I am offering a hosting package and I want opt-in subscribers to my email training course for back-end sales.

Example: You can use the pre-built websites or simply build your own. People around the world think that building a website is difficult, however , I can teach you how pain-free it really is. Take my personal 10 day email training course “Create a website with Ease”[signup form here].

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Your second strategy to make money online is generating traffic to your website.

When I say traffic, I really don’t just mean any outdated traffic, I am talking about targeted traffic, those people who are motivated and ready to purchase can and definitely will make you money. You can utilise programs and techniques such as Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, blogging, article writing and linking to drive targeted traffic to your website. Google Adwords is a tool provided by Google in which you can pay for your site to be display when certain keywords are queried in their google search.

The trick to using Adwords is not to bid high on popular keyword phrases. Rather, what you do is definitely locate related keywords that still describe your site, but are used much less frequent. These types of keywords will surely cost much less to bid on and will enable you to spread your money out over many different keywords, getting the most value for your money.

My favourite way to drive traffic is to use Facebook groups. There is a lot of junk in the groups but there is a great tool which will save you lots of time and do lots of tasks on the autopilot. Try it for FREE here.

Writing a blog is another wonderful way to drive targeted traffic to your website and make money online. To achieve the most out of this strategy your blog should be hosted on the same website as the sales page with links to your affiliate program. Once its setup all you have to do is fill your blog with top quality articles.

I suggest publishing your own content which specifically relates to your affiliate program as well as products. Once you have some content you will need to submit your RSS feed to the as many blog search engines as you can. This will put your blog out there for other webmasters to use as content feeds on their websites.

This win-win situation makes it possible for webmasters to have quality content on their website, which in turn increases the value of that website while generating targeted traffic directly to you and will help you to make money online with affiliates programs.

This is done by the URL link that you ideally placed under your name after the blog was written and published. That means that your link is on a blog feed that is on thousands of websites. Not only do people click through those links but Google sees these links pointing back to you and then thinks that you’re popular and you are honoured with a higher page rank.

Article writing is essentially the same as blogging apart from the facts and information in an article will need to have considerably more useful content and be peppered with keyword phrases that the webmasters are searching for. After completing your article you will upload (syndicate) it to articles sites as opposed to blog search engines.

Articles sites are places that webmasters go to find specific content to offer their audience. If you are a very good writer you can at some stage build up a name for yourself and make a deal with a webmaster to write exclusives for his web page. His own viewers get great unique content and you get extremely motivated targeted traffic.

Linking is probably the most widespread form of increasing traffic and page rank. But the truth is, if done wrongly you could possibly end up hurting your Google page rank and ultimately loosing potential buyers. You will require your own website for this technique as you will need a ‘links’ page to place your reciprocal links on.

More and more people go and submit their URL links to website link farms in an attempt to trick Google into providing them with a better page rank. This does NOT work; actually Google has been known to penalise websites for participating in these activities.

The key to linking is to find websites in your niche market which have a Google page rank of 4 or above and then enticing the webmaster to list your link on their website. You may be thinking that you would be helping your competition, well you would be. But your competition would be supporting you as well. It’s far better to send leaving traffic to a partner than just having them close their browser window, and remember that works both ways. You will make money online with this strategy.

There is also new way of getting huge amount of traffic and make money online. For the last 3 years you can generate everyday leads from RevShare platforms. In my opinion it’s fabulous additional way of getting leads. Why? Because the traffic is actually almost free. In most of the companies you pay $50 or 50 Euros for the views of your ads- it means that around 800-1500 people will see your ad. Some of them will click on your ad and go inside of your website. If you collect emails from this traffic you will be able to make a profit by offering them your service or product through email campaign from your autoresponder. Additionally in RevShare platforms you will be paid, so you will earn money at the same time – that’s why I wrote earlier that this source of traffic will be almost for free. One of the platforms I use is LikesXL. Register for FREE here.

The strategies listed in this post will give you results and they will boost you sales and residuals it done correctly. Reciprocal linking, Blogging and Article writing are great ways to bring massive amounts of high quality targeted traffic to your website and make money online. All those strategies combined with an effective squeeze page with an integrated opt-in email list can make your business explode to new heights. You can and definitely will make money with this system, Guaranteed!

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