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The financial success of your dental practice depends on your patient base and great marketing strategy. You're invited to a COMPLIMENTARY dental marketing consultation.


Problem is, you can use a million techniques to grow your dental practice. There are so many things you can do, but what should you do? Hold my hand and. I'll take you there.


Are you ready to become the local dental expert? I hope so, because you would not believe how many patients you will have knocking on your door once you are perceived as the expert. It’s incredible. Think about it. Everyone wants to go to the best dentist in town.

My Story

My Story

My reason to smile is finding and chasing my passions - networking, marketing, and helping .... I smile when I see other people to put them in a better mood, knowing that my marketing strategies work. Since I was born I was around my mum watching her working hard in the dental practice. As a result I became aware of the power of a smile: great smile is beneficial to a person’s social life and can lead to higher self-esteem and improved self-confidence. That was the moment my passion for dental marketing was born. I finished one of the best marketing universities in Poland and in 2004 I decided that it’s time to spread my wings. I moved to the United Kingdom. My first steps in London were in customer service in one of the best rated restaurant. Helping many celebrities to have the best experience gave me incredible life lesson. My dream was to help as many people as possible to have the smile like many celebrities. Therefore in 2008 I founded one of the biggest medical centres in West London. We grew in less than 2 years from zero to more than a million pounds in turn over every year. My focus on exceptional customer service and my dental marketing strategies gave us 3 nominations to the best dental practice in London and the UK. After helping more than 20000 people to have better smile I decided to move forward in 2012 and focus on helping dental professionals to achieve bigger success. This is my PASSION.

Good marketing makes the dental practice look smart. Great marketing makes the patient feel smart. Social media is about the people. Not about your business.

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